St. Aidan's Columbarium

What is a Columbarium?


A Columbarium is a consecrated area reserved for the “inurnment” of cremated remains of the departed.  Inurnment is the placement of the ashes of the deceased in a sealed container which is placed in a specially designed niche as a permanent or semi-permanent resting place. 

The name “Columbarium” is from the Latin word columba meaning “dovecote”, the dove being a symbol of God’s spirit and peace.


The Episcopal Church has long approved of cremation.  With increased urbanization and ecological awareness, it continues to gain acceptance, particularly with the development of aesthetic, well-designed parish Columbaria that provide lasting memorialization.

Why a Columbarium at the Church?


During our lifetime, the Church has been our spiritual home; hence, it is an appropriate resting place for our remains.  In today’s perspective, the Columbarium is a modern version of the earlier burial in the Church graveyard.


In addition to the spiritual reasons, cremation and inurnment at St. Aidan’s provides a very cost-effective alternative to interment/burial.

Who can be placed in a niche at St. Aidan’s Columbarium?


In general, niches are reserved for past and present parish members and their loved ones.  In some instances, niches may also be allocated to other persons who have a significant relationship to St. Aidan’s in the judgement of the Rector.