St. Aidan's Episcopal Church
Christ's Beacon for all seeking God. 

St. Aidan's is an open and inclusive member of The Episcopal Church. We welcome all who desire a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are celebrating 50 years of service to God's people in the heart of the King's Grant area of Virginia Beach on Edinburgh Drive between N. Lynnhaven and King's Grant Road.

3201 Edinburgh Dr.

Virginia Beach, VA 23452


8:15 a.m Holy Eucharist 

10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist 

The Rev. Mark Wilkinson, Rector

The Rev. Dana Vanvliet-Pullin, Deacon

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About The Vestry

Our vestry serves as the governing body of St. Aidan's. The members are elected every year and serve for a calender year from January 1 to Deccember 31. The Senior  Warden is the primary lay member with canonical authority. The Junior Wardens oversee all the property concerns. Three new members are elected each year to serve a three year term. The wardens, treasurer and register are all appointed by the vestry. To email a member of the vestry simply click on their name. 

Senior Warden: Sid Vaughn

Junior Warden: Patrick Flynn




Pam Butler

Jay Reid

Sarah Seeley

Jane Bass Chuck Marks
Suzie Finnerty RegisterBecky McCallum
Brenda Anderson Treasurer: David Bergren


About our Wardens

In the Epsicopal Church the Wardens are members of the vestry who provide lay leadership in several areas. The Senior Warden runs our vestry meetings and is the canonical authority if the rector is not available for some reason. The Junior Wardens are responsible for oversee the facilities of the church including buildings and grounds. This year we are having two Junior Wardens to help spread the work load. The Junior Wardens are not the ones who do all the work, but are responsible for making sure that the work around the building is done.


In my fall report I commented on the challenges and opportunities we face for the coming year. I would like to take this opportunity to discuss these issues in more detail, but first I would like to reflect on all we have accomplished this past year.

 All that we have accomplished could not have been done without the generous contribution of time and talent by St. Aidan’s parishioners. I won’t try to name all of you, but will highlight contributions that, while sometimes overlooked, are key to our community. Planning and organization of potlucks such as today’s, office volunteers, spring and fall clean-ups, the fall fair, Christian formation, our music program, ministry fair, outreach to the homeless, and Seton

 Youth Shelters support are a few of the many contributions. Finally, all who worked hard to make the Preserving our Heritage initiative come to fruition and all those who have pledged their support leave me excited about our future. I am very grateful for all you have done.

This past year I was especially proud of the EYC members who went to West Virginia to help those in need. I am sure there were other activities they could have done in lieu of volunteering, but to give their time and effort to those in need leaves me with a renewed confidence in our younger generation and all they offer our community. Of course, none of this could have been accomplished without their adult sponsors also generously contributing time and effort and support from the parish.

 I now turn to challenges and opportunities. As previously reported, we began the year with a deficit budget, in hopes that we could make up the difference as the year went by. This decision was based on the important objectives and programs of the parish, many I have just noted. However, despite closely adhering to the budget and good stewardship by staff and vestry, we have not been able to make up this deficit. I am asking that those who can please consider contributing to this deficit reduction.

Our budget situation also reflects a larger trend in St. Aidan’s finances. For example, in 2010 our pledges were nearly $250,000; this past year pledges were $221,000. If this trend continues we face major challenges with respect to our mission, ministry, and even viability. I recommend reconstituting the Mission and Vision Committee with the charge of updating and rethinking the original report completed in 2012. St. Aidan’s position as a neighborhood church, coupled with what we know about the extent to which citizens in our area are “unchurched” and the declining membership in mainstream churches need to be addressed if we hope to sustain the vitality of our parish. I am hoping this can be completed by June.

The importance of our mission and ministry and the success of the Preserving our Heritage campaign gives me confidence that we can work together to address these challenges.



Sid Vaughn

Senior Warden